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RZCRT5-3625EF-2H CNC Intelligent Flatbed Cutting Machine

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    ● Line drawing, pattern drawing, letter marking, folding line creasing, half-cutting and complete cutting can be finished at one time. Dual heads working simultaneously, the efficiency doubles.

    ● F Model machines are equipped with a conveyor table, which enables continuous working, realizing Seamless  connection. It meets the production target with a small-batch production, many orders and various patterns.

    ● With adopting programmable multi spindle linkage controller, the stability and operability has reached an advanced level at home and abroad.

    ● The HMI is a friendly High Definition touch screen, which is convenient and easy for learning and operation. The data transmits through the standard RJ45 network. The transmission is fast, stable and reliable.

    ● It has been widely used in such industries as footwear, composite materials, advertisement and printing, electronics, decoration, etc.